A Summary Of The Story Of Harry Potter

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Harry Potter stays at the house of his uncle and aunt, the Dufleys. He isn’t happy, and they don’t celebrate his birthday. One day, when Harry have to get into his room because his uncle is having guests, an house elf called Dobby appears. Dobby tells Harry Potter not to go back to Hogwarts, the magical school Harry is on to learn how to be a wizard. Harry finds out that Dobby has all the letters Harry’s friends sent him, so he says that he is going back. Dobby goes out of Harry’s room and goes to the kitchen. Harry follows him and he is just in time to see a pudding flying towards the guests. Then it drops on the floor. When an owl flies in with a letter for Harry, the guests run away.
The Dufleys are very angry with Harry and they lock him up in his room with bars in front of his window. In the night, Harry hears a strange noise and he sees his friend Ron Weasely in a car flying in front of his window. His brothers are also in the car and they jump into Harry’s room. They unlock the door and they get Harry’s suitcases. And they put everything in the car and they fly away. Harry can stay the rest of the holidays with the family Weasely. When the holidays are almost over, they have to go to diagon ally to buy some books. There they meet a writer called Gilderoy Lockheart. He wants to go on the photo with Harry.
When the school starts again, Ron and Harry have to go to perron 9 1/3 but when they tried to enter it, they couldn’t come in. The train is about to leave, so they decide to take the flying car. They follow the train to Hogwarts, but they crash into a tree. A day later, Ron gets a screaming letter from his mother in which she says that she is very angry.
The quiddisch training starts again and Harry have to wake up early...

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...ished. They drink it and they change into other persons. They go and search for Draco Malfoy. They find him, and they talk with him. But he is not the heir of Slytherin. When they return, they see that Hermione changed into a cat. They bring her to the hospital wing.
When they have lessons again, they hear someone screaming. They go and take a look, and they see that the whole floor of the toilets is soaking wet. There is a book floating on the water. Harry and Ron see that is a diary. But the pages are blank.
After a time, a dwarf spilled ink on Harry’s bag and everything is covered with ink, except for the diary. Harry thinks that is very strange, so he writes something in it. “My name is Harry Potter”. And suddenly the book starts writing back. It tells harry about the opening of the chamber of secrets 50 years ago. The book tells it is Hagrid who did it then.

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