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For most college students, college can be a very expensive experience. Most likely the most expensive thing they will be paying for, other than tuition, is a new laptop. People say that you can survive college without your own computer, I find that very false. Classes today usually involve papers and projects that need to be done on a computer and the only place I could think of that offers free computer usage is the library. The libraries that I know of aren’t open 24 hours of the day; in order to get a project done you will have to conform to their hours. As a college student, I have had to get a job. I never have time to go to the library, which means if I didn’t have my own computer, I would never get anything done. I have just recently purchased an Apple MacBook Pro and after spending a small fortune on it, I am going to evaluate the portability, the speed, the programs, the mouse, the screen, and the battery of my Macbook Pro.
The first objective I would like to evaluate is the portability of MacBook Pros. The MacBook weighs less than 4 lbs, which makes it a very ideal laptop to carry around campus in a backpack. It is also very thin which is perfect to slide into your backpack without having to take anything out. Although the Pros sister computer, the MacBook Air is even lighter and thinner which is more ideal for a person who carries their Mac everywhere they go. I chose the Pro because it was looking for performance, which leads me to my next topic, speed.
When most people are looking for a new computer, speed is one of the first things that come to mind. They want their computer to be able to open up programs quickly without having to load for a minute or two. When I click on a program that I want to use, it opens up w...

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...up to nine hours, that includes downloading files, gaming and streaming. As a student, I take my Mac everywhere and most of the time I’m not anywhere near an outlet so the battery life of a Mac is ideal for a student. Also, as a music lover, I am able to download new songs without having to worry about if I’m going to have enough battery power left to work on my homework.
Overall I would recommend the Macbook Pro to anyone. It has so many more great features other than the portability, battery, the multi purpose mouse, and the speed/ performance of the programs. I would recommend to them that upgrading to the matte screen would be worth the extra pretty pennies.

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