A Struggle to Accomplish the Unattainable

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An entrepreneur is someone who creates something, anything. They can create a business, an idea, or even a goal. As long as somebody possesses certain characteristics, they can be considered an entrepreneur. These qualities include, but are not limited to: passion/ perseverance for their creation and execution intelligence. These particular traits are present in three books: Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell, and The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

In Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, chapter three is entitled “Drug Dealers Living With Their Moms.” This chapter outlines drug dealing as a business. A man named Sudhir Venkatesh, a sociology student at the time, wound up with gang members in Chicago. He learned about how dealing is a well manufactured business and explained the situation to the authors of Freakonomics. The leader of this branch of the Black Gangster Disciple Nation was J.T. He was a man who was very intelligent. He actually attended college and graduated with a degree in business. This in turn lead to how he controlled his gang, “He knew the importance of collecting data and finding new markets; he was always on the lookout for better management strategies. It was no coincidence, in other words, that J.T. was the leader of this crack gang. He was bred to be a boss” (Levitt and Dubner 94). J.T. was a very organized and smart business man. He knew how to run his operation smoothly. He had execution intelligence. He could not only lead well, but he managed the gang’s money wisely. J.T. had records made for the gang, “They represented a complete record of four years’ worth of the gang’s rigorously compiled: sales, wages, dues, even the deat...

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... The only thing that makes an entrepreneur is how they succeed in the end. For the case of J.T., he ended up on the board of directors. For Rainsford, he survived the game. The man in The Road made sure his son survived even if it meant giving up his own life. It didn’t matter if they were making money or creating something new, all that mattered was that they had a goal that utilized their passion, perseverance, and execution intelligence. The men in these three works not only exemplify the entrepreneurial traits, but they strove to apply them in every way throughout their endeavor.

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that an entrepreneur is someone who creates something, anything. they can create a business, an idea, or even an goal.
  • Analyzes how sudhir venkatesh, a sociology student at the time, wound up with gang members in chicago. he learned about drug dealing and explained the situation to s of freakonomics.
  • Analyzes how j.t., a college-educated leader of his franchise, was promoted to the board of directors after six years of running his local gang.
  • Analyzes how richard connell's the most dangerous game portrays the characteristics of sanger rainsford in a more unique way.
  • Analyzes how cormac mccarthy uses the same principle in his novel the road. the two walk to the ocean where they believed that salvation would be found.
  • Analyzes how the three works prove that being an entrepreneur can be a business, but also something unique. the men in j.t., rainsford, and the road exemplify entrepreneurial traits.
  • Explains levitt, steven d., and stephen j. dubner, freakonomics: a rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything.
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