A Strong Man

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Clint VanVickle is an important person in my life. He is my dad. He was born on December 16th, 1976 in Staples Minnesota. He grew up on a farm in a small town called Pillager in Minnesota. My dad never went to college but still got as a state worker.
My dad has lived in Pillager his whole entire life. We actually live only a quarter of a mile away from the house that he grew up in. He has thought of moving to a different state but it has never actually worked out. He has lived here because it is where he grew up at and is where his family and friends live. On the farm where he grew up at, my dad had many chores to do, but luckily he had a younger brother and sister to help him out. His younger brothers name is Travis and his younger sisters name is Jessie. He had to feed and take care of the animals. The animals they had at the time were horses and cows. Dad also had to check the fence that the animals were held in by so that they didn’t get out and start running around. During the summer months, instead of running around and having fun with his friends, he was out bailing or cutting hay and stacking it in the shed for the winter months.
During school my dad had some good friends but one of his best friends was a guy named Damian Williams. They became good friends in elementary school. They both liked doing the same things like hunting, fishing, and many other things that involves the outdoors. They are still really good friends to this day. Damian lives about five miles away from our house. Dad often goes over there to go hunting or to go fishing with him. Almost every animal that is mounted in our house has a memory with my dad and damian behind it.
About half way through high school my dad and Damian quit be...

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...oy. Leroy did many things with my dad. He went hunting every year with him. It did not matter what the weather was like or what other plans he made he always made time to spend with his family. It was a big shock to my dad because he never expected his dad to die that early in life. At least he lived a great life and I know that he went to heaven my dad said.
In ending, my dad grew up on a farm in Pillager, Minnesota. He was born on December 16th, 1976. He had one younger brother and one younger sister than him. They both helped him out with the chores around the house. One of his best friends is Damian Williams. They still are friends today and do many things with each other. My dad never went to college but still got a pretty decent job as state worker for Minnesota. My dad is a very important man to me and is one of the hardest working people that I know.
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