Concrete Experiences: My Love Life

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Introduction Before I was blessed to have a lovely wife in my life, I was a single male just attempting to discover myself and find my niche that I belonged in as a functioning adult. Being single had blessed me with the time needed that I may mature to be a responsible, caring adult. From the time I was entered adulthood at eighteen to the time I was 25, those seven years were the most crucial experiences as an adult, much like an infant attempting to take their first steps. In this Life Learning paper on single lifestyle, I will discuss my love life, my finances, and my housing situations. Concrete Experiences Love life During my single life, I had very few girls that I dated; to get to the point, I only dated two women, my high school sweetheart, and my wife. My high school sweetheart was Sarah, and my…show more content…
Growing up I lived in a medium size house in a rural county in central Indiana. This medium size home in Indiana was the house I was brought home from the hospital as an infant to the house I felt compelled to move off on my own as an adult of 23 years. While living in Indiana I had lived in that house the whole 23 years, except of the two semesters in college life over a three-year period. Not to say living with parents was the easiest housing situation in the world, but it did come with amenities, for the small fee of completing household task. Chores were asked of me to complete until the day I moved out, such chores were cleaning the house, laundry, cooking, and these chores were stepping-stones in gaining my independence as an adult. Other tasks that I was asked to participate in was feeding livestock, bailing hay, and various other farm living duties. It is difficult to complete the farming task while living in the city, but I gained memories that will last my
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