A Social Responsibility Of The Victorian Era

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In the Victorian Era motherhood was something that was idealized. A social responsibility that was once such a private matter was now something to be learned. Society had their expectations on how your children should be raised and how they should behave. During this era it was the mother’s duty to raise their children and it was the father’s duty to provide for the family. Mothers who had to work for living were labelled as irresponsible and neglectful. Meanwhile the fathers who worked all the time and really had nothing to do with their children were applauded because they were “providing” for their family. Infant death was also believed that it could be avoided if poor mother’s breast fed their babies and were taught better baby care. During that time fatherhood held an ambiguous position. Being a father showed your commitment to your home and family. A man with no children had no reason to have good work ethic because he had no one to pass on the family name to and society did not take him serious. Male masculinity was defined if you were a father during the Victorian Era. Motherhood was very different based on your class status, there were the wealthy, middle class, and poor mothers. Being wealthy always seems to have its perks they can afford nanny’s to take of their children and just be there to interact with them without having to do all the hard parts. Middle class mothers were thought to be the most experienced of mothers because they spent the most time with their children, breast fed their babies, played with the children and gave them their education. Poor mother’s had to work just in order to survive and be able to support their children, even if that meant working two or three jobs and not having a lot of time for t... ... middle of paper ... ...e a clever boy, Ivar. Let me take her for a little, Anne. My sweet little baby doll! [Takes the baby from the MAID and dances it up and down.] Yes, yes, mother will dance with Bob too. What! Have you been snowballing? I wish I had been there too! No, no, I will take their things off, Anne; please let me do it, it is such fun. Go in now, you look half frozen. There is some hot coffee for you on the stove.” Providing for your family does not make you a great father it is something that has to be done so that everyone is taken care of. If you want to start a family then you need to able to support said family. Also just because someone has to work in order for them to provide for their family that does not make them a bad mother or father. They may not be able to spend as much time with their children as they would like to but at least the children are taken care of.
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