"A Separate Peace" Analysis

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Can one live in the illusion they create for themselves in an attempt to escape the realities of their life choices? The book, A Separate Peace by John Knowles, is a novel narrated by a character named Gene. In the novel Gene struggles with the memory of him causing his best friend Finny to fall from a tree. This fall ruins Finny athletic future, however Finny is unaware that Gene caused his fall. Throughout the story Gene struggles with whether or not he should confess to Finny. Although confessing to Finny would have deeply hurt him, Gene should have confessed because it would have cleared his conscious, it would have made Finny accept reality, and Finny would never have died. Although unveiling the truth to Finny would have made Gene feel better, it would have deeply upset Finny. At one point Gene does attempt to confess to Finny. However Finny instantly rejects his confession by saying "Of course you didn't do it. You damn fool. Sit down, you damn fool."(70) This only increases Gene's doubt about whether or not he should confess. When he tried to confess he saw instantly how mu...
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