A Roles House And Womens Rights In A Doll's House

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A Doll’s House and Women’s Rights
A Doll’s House is a realistic three act play that focuses on the nineteenth century life in middle class Scandinavian household life; where the wife is expected to be inferior and passive whereas the husband is superior and paternally protective. The play was scripted by Henrick Ibsen. The play criticizes the marriage norms that existed in the 19th century. It aroused many controversies as it concludes with Nora, the main protagonists leaving her husband and children in order to discover her identity (Langas 150). It created a lot of controversies and was heavily criticized as it questioned the traditional roles of men and women among Europeans who believed that the covenant of marriage was holy. Most critics around the world believe the play led to increased awareness on the need for women’s rights in all continents. On the other hand, some critics opine that the play depicted women as inferior creatures and dolls who have no personality of their own. A Doll’s House has led to increased awareness of the need for women’s right everywhere.
Impact of the Play on Women’s Rights
The play is considered as a feminist work as it illustrates the erroneous treatment of women. Ibsen believes that women had a right to develop their own identity; however their role was self-sacrificial (Ibsen and
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For instance, Nora sacrifices herself when she borrows money to save her husband; she also loses her children when she decides to discover her identity. Kristine sacrifices her true love and marries a man she is not in love with in order to support her family. The nurse has to give up her children in order to work and survive financially (Rommetreit 210). She considers herself lucky to get a low paying job since she had a child out of wedlock. In Ibsen’s time women who had children out of wedlock were stigmatized while the men responsible walked

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