A Reflection on God, Life and the Pursuit of Happiness

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Sometime, to say the least, I am dissatisfied with the life I live, dissatisfied with the present. I find it painful, difficult to live. Thus, I often embrace Pascal's thoughts that once said, "If we examine our thoughts we will find them all occupied with the past and the future. We anticipate the future as too slow in coming or we recall the past, to stop its rapid flight. While the past and present are our means, the future alone is our end. So we never really live, but we hope to live. Therefore, as we are always preparing to be happy in the future, it is inevitable it should never be so." Religion implies life everlasting, but is it not a fantasy of the religious mind? Especially when one realized that the past and future have duration but no existence and the present, which does not endure in time, seems to exist! So what is time? -As far as happiness is concerned remember that it is only experienced in the inner part of yourself. Happiness is a mind phenomenon related to one’s relation with the TRUTH only. Happiness is not related to time but to your present life and its understanding. You may be temporary happy, because of particular events, but it won’t last unless you understand that time is the amount or sequences that one use to comprehend his or her life. Time is related to past and future experiences: in other words, time is the awareness of change (sequences between events) or the condition on which one’s perception of time’s flow depends. You should not be overly concerned by time. Even Augustine, the great theologian, was like you perplexed by time for he wrote: "I have been talking for a long time, and this long time would not be long time unless time has passed. But how do I know this, since I do not know wha... ... middle of paper ... ... what we do to one another. Reality (God) exists and is reflected partially through the manifestations of, and in space, but not all the partial manifestations of space (time conditioned phenomenon) are necessarily true. In the beginning God acts; “Be as perfect as I am”, but when the panorama of life unveils in response to the will and mandate of the infinite (the whole) every part of the infinite, present and willing, in the cosmos takes an active role in space actualization: we have the power of choice. You can chose what you want and reflect your decisions through your actions. To recognize God omnipotence (supreme, ultimate and even absolute authority) is to enjoy security in our experience of cosmic citizenship: in other words it is our assurance of safety in our long journey to eternity even if we have to make difficult choices, even not always wise, in time.
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