A Raisin in the Sun Essay

The story of “A Raisin in the Sun” is during a time where racism was still very alive and threatening to the African American race. A black family, the Younger’s is affected by this reality throughout the course of the play. Each family member is affected in a way uniquely their own. This essay will explore these occurrences and as a result what effect they have on the family. The Younger’s as a whole hope to make something of themselves and rise above the unspoken cultural limitations on black family unit of the period. The main character Walter ends up fronting the majority of the strain these challenges present on the family. As a result he alienates himself from the other members of the family and overtime becomes a harsh and negative person towards every other character. This presents a conflict of authority as Walter’s mother Lena (Mama) wishes to help guide the troubled family and met with resistance from her son. With the recent death of her husband she has seen order and stability in the family plummet and is more worried than ever about the direction the family is headed. To compound matters further they all live in a small apartment, which further intertwine each characters fate. This ends up causing conflict as each family has different dreams which in turn bring down dreams of the other members. This is displayed in the relationship between Walter and Mama; Walter has a low income job and makes him desire any opportunity to create more money. As a result he is consistently investing in get rich quick schemes and other unsound investments. Lena desires consistently, stability and gradual traditional growth in the related group and so is naturally opposed to these developments. Although Walter is seen as a ha... ... middle of paper ... ...and doing so through the means of her boyfriends. She discovers an opportunity to do so through moving to Africa, but almost lets it pass her by because of her brothers’ persecution over money. She finds outs through experience and sound counsel that money isn’t everything and it won’t help her reach all her goals in life, it will simply make the journey easier. In this story, it seems that money that is the root of all barriers that keep this family from their chosen dreams. The Youngers come together in the end in finding that if you let it, money will control your life. So it is important to make proper use of its investment before it, like raisins dry up over time in the sun. Though they are confronted by multiple challenges of an economic and racial nature the Younger family uses the adversity to reveal their common standing values that hold them together.
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