A Personal Narrative Story: My Shameful Story

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My Shameful Stories As I climbed up the big grand stairway of Paint Branch High school with my girlfriend, I found it more strenuous than running four hundred meters on a track and field and my miserable legs protested with each step. The tantalizing scent of the cheese pizza I held in a disposable tray, made the journey unbearable, for my growling stomach yearned for a bite. Once at the top, I am thrilled since my legs haven’t collapsed. Then, we hustled towards the right to Mr. Smith 's room. Pleasant noises came from within the room, students giggling while conversing cheerfully as we approached thus our entrance went unnoticed at first. Being in the classroom, felt like standing inside of a volcano on that sweltering summer day yet…show more content…
I remember walking out of our small apartment in my cerulean blue denim shorts accompanied by a simple white thin top and leopard sandals to meet my friend who was waiting inside her aunt 's red jeep. She called the night before to invite me to Six Flags with her family. At the time, I accepted the invitation despite knowing they would certainly pressure me into riding a roller coaster to which the very thought of frightens me for it would be my first time, this feeling seems familiar. In the car, I hardly spoke while my friend 's aunt played music loudly on the radio and they all sang along to the songs. We only brought what was necessary like towels, clothes to change into and sunscreen lotion for protection. First, we rode a small white roller coaster, I was comfortable riding it, but for them, it wasn 't challenging enough. Afterward, we headed south, the boiling sun showed no mercy to the exposed parts of our bodies as we walked, my friend suggested the superman ride right then and everyone else nodded in agreement. As we approached the ride, in front of a line of people stood a red steel hypercoaster probably above two hundred feet long, my heart dropped at the sight. Seeing how horrified I looked, they teased me saying I couldn 't handle it. The considerate voices in my head warned me against the idea, but it would be embarrassing to give up. Finally, with my shaking legs and fearful heart, I climbed up the steps and sat on the little cart that lifted me up high. Since there was no way out I pretended to be alright whenever someone was looking, deep down though I had acknowledged this would be my end. Every time the roller coaster went up or down I felt like the cart would jump off the trail, my fear of heights made the situation worse and there was this funny sensation in my stomach. In the end,
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