A Musical Talent to Behold

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A Musical Talent to Behold

Louis Daniel Armstrong, also known as Satchmo, was an instrumental figure who knew how to improvise and play many rhythmic tunes on a brass trumpet and cornet. He was a man of high musical intellect who changed the way jazz music was interpreted among the different musicians and cultures throughout the 1920’s. Growing up in New Orleans has given Armstrong the opportunity to appreciate and learn about the wonderful music genre that became more popular in the 1920’s which became known as jazz. Louis would eventually be an idol among society and be an influence to those who appreciated jazz music and the way that is was melodiously inclined.

For one Louis is a man who turned jazz into something special with multiple twists and turns in a way that people could understand and listen to while enjoying the full experience of stylish music. Armstrong began his music career at a young age; as he got older he learned and acquired many skills that allowed him to excel as a jazz musician. In 1925 when Louis was 18 years old he created his own band that would show his ability of being unique on stage while in the heat of the moment. This form of improvisation came about when Armstrong was performing with his band and his sheet music fell on the ground, yet he did not stop carrying out the concert because with quick-thinking he began to play random notes that sounded beautifully when molded together in harmony thus the birth of jazz. After this amazing accomplishment to perform on the spot Louis Armstrong began to become more popular as his career developed and gained the attention of non-jazz fans. As his fame grew he began to get a lot more recognition as a musician and started to get more respect as and Afr...

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...use the different noises produced by certain instruments blend with others and that’s what makes the melodies flow and songs to be established as well. Louis Armstrong himself is one of the many African American musicians who helped to commit to the founding of how jazz music needs to be expressed and played as a whole masterpiece.

With the amazing capability of changing the way jazz was understood to a certain point and then being able to unroll a new form of jazz that would boggle the minds of people who listened to it is an incredible accomplishment of Louis Armstrong. His very own achievements have created a new sense of rhythmic joy that will help future musicians when creating their own music for others to enjoy. Louis Armstrong was an inspirational figure of music that today will still be remembered as one of the greatest musical artist of all time.
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