A Hero In 'The Outsiders' By SE Hinton

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The Outsiders by SE Hinton

The Outsiders by SE Hinton is a great coming-of-age novel that is about gangs, violent but also at the same time about love and brother ship. In the book, the society suddenly thinks the greasers, Pony, Johnny and Dally, are heroes. That really got me thinking. What is a hero?
To me, a hero is a cool person who has muscles, cool style and is courageous, selfless and has the desire to help people and save the world. However, the greasers are different from what I reckon is a hero. They are lousy and they have no manners. They are proud of stealing and watch the movie without paying. How come they are heroes?
But then, when I thought about it, they are heroes. Pony boy is a hero because he is remorseless on being
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His parents died when he was young. He was nurtured by his older brothers. Pony has to struggle at the bottom of the social ladder. Like the people around him, he has to fight, steal and scare little kids. However, Pony remained a pure heart, a golden heart. He only fights when he has to defend himself. He kept his heart of sympathy, understanding of others and think for the others. Like in when the church was burned, he understands the situation of the teacher and children. So he risked his life to safe the kids. The most straight forward example and conclusion of Pony’s good heart is the word of Johnny, “Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold…” Moreover, Ponyboy is a thinker. He can think for the opposite side of his gang, the Socs. Although the Socs almost drowned him, he can still understand the Socs and didn’t be blinded by the hate. He in the chaos and impulsive world can see through the surface of the conflict and see the core of the world that people are the same. That is really amazing and Ponyboy does have the board mind of a hero.
If Ponyboy is a hero with sympathy in mind than his friend Johnny is a hero with sympathy in action. The first time Johnny showed his sympathy is when Dally harass the Socs girls, Cherry and Marcia. Johnny bravely stand up to Dally to everyone’s surprise. In the novel, the dialogue of Johnny and Dally showed Johnny’s
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