A Doll 's House By Henrik Ibsen

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Today women are being mistreated for just the gender roles and stereotypes that revolve in the human society. Depending on the time period and culture, women are expected to act in a certain way. Throughout history, many relationships can be found in different cultures regarding the way women were treated. In Ibsen’s A Doll’s house, Nora reflects the responsibilities and roles of Norwegian women during the late 1870s. Torvald, Nora’s husband, also shows the way men treated women and what roles they played in a marriage. Here, women are portrayed as dependent on men, they don’t have much freedom, and they are not allowed to have opinions. Women are taught to rely on men and be acquiescent to their husbands. Many stereotypes and gender roles found in A Doll’s House can also be observed in the contemporary North American culture: women are expected to be housewives, obedient, and appealing. In America, from early childhood, the idea that girls are not expected to try and do well in school because they’re expected to be housewives is a stereotypes that is already being placed in the little childrens’ minds. In American society, boys are the ones that are meant to do well, get the higher education and then pursue a good career. T-shirts play a big role in convincing and persuading children to believe that when they grow up, boys are going to finance the family while the girls are going to be at home, taking care of their children and doing house work. The printing across a girl’s shirt, “Training to be Batman’s Wife,” is clearly an example of setting the expectations for girls on what they are going to be when they grow up: “The expectation is not just that she will be a wife, but that she will be somebody important’s wife, and her id... ... middle of paper ... ...efuse to try to do well in school, because they’re not expected to. By the today society’s message, females only need to be alluring, and everything else will be covered for them: men will get educated and finance them. Many girls practice being cute and attractive by doing makeup and dressing like barbies from an early age. Mike Adamick, a girl’s father, concluding what he understood from the society’s message said “Girls are supposed to love peace and harmony and cupcakes; they’re supposed to be cute and sweet” (Samakow). Society puts so much pressure on girls which forces and makes them have no other choice than being sweet and cute. In A doll’s House, Nora is also expected to be appealing to her husband. The same gender role, where woman are to be attractive, can be seen in Norway during the late 1870’s. The way Nora is treated in A Doll’s House

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