A Displacement with an Enhancement

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Moving from one place to another is a necessity for almost every living organism. Whether it be sliding, walking, jumping, crawling, or flying, it is bound to happen sometime. Humans like to move from place to place quickly and without doing any work. This is why humans in general avoid running. There tends to be some unfavorable expression like a grimace or a sigh accompanying with the quote, “I think I have to go running' class='brand-secondary'>running.” Although hated among many people throughout the world, the positive sides of running can be enough to turn the lazy into the hardworking. Running is an excellent choice for physical and mental enhancement because it keeps one active, relieves stress, and is a good self-esteem booster.

Running is not just for the young, fit, and energetic people of the world. It can be for anybody or anyone. From child to teen to adult to elderly, they can all be a runner. All one needs is a pair of shoes and workout clothes, which are extremely easy to find. There is common misconception when people think running is only to win and going fast is the answer. Training for Young Distance Runners by Larry Greene and Russ Pate says that “Runners . . . may come to think that finishing first is the only measure of success. This would be unfortunate because only a few runners, usually the fittest and most experienced, have a realistic chance of winning a race.” Thus, one should personalize goals and set them realistically, for only the person running knows their body. I have learned throughout of my 6 full years of running that I will not win every race or succeed in every workout. By setting goals that are challenging, but not too difficult, I have learned to be accustomed to my body. This has increased my self-est...

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...till a viable way to get around. After all it takes only a little energy, some shoes, and some comfortable sweats. As easy as it is, many turn away from this type of exercise. With all the benefits, one would think everyone should run. For only twenty minutes of displacement at a mellow pace can one shave off stress, become confident in oneself, and become physically and mentally fit. Seems almost impossible to avoid this kind of deal.

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