A Deeper Look at Poe

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“Once upon a midnight dreary while I pondered weak and weary”: one of the most famous, well-known lines of poetry. But why are readers so drawn in by this line? And who is the man behind the creation of this piece of art? Edgar Allan Poe. Poe’s literary works have been worldly recognized for their ability to draw in the reader and invoke dark emotions within each reader. Edgar Allan Poe himself experienced many hardships throughout his life, including the deaths of his wife and mother. Poe struggled with alcoholism, depression, and drug addiction, which all added to his ability to connect with readers from any point on the spectrum of hardships. Poe’s experiences helped him and his works appeal to readers, but he also was naturally gifted with an extraordinary ability to write tantalizing short stories and poetry. Edgar Allan Poe used numerous literary techniques such as irony and other poetic effects to tap into the inner dark side of man and arouse feelings of suspense, vengeance, and melancholy.
There are many reasons why Poe’s poetry and short stories appeal to the reader. For instance, it may be that the reader can connect with Poe in the deaths of loved ones. It may be the plot of the stories. Or it may be the psychological relationship that Poe creates between the reader and his literary works. Many people rarely like to talk about their “dark side”, but Poe embraces the dark side that every person has and taps into the feelings of hate, revenge, murder, and despair (Camila). He skillfully uses negative events to create his stories. Each poem and short story acts as a suspenseful rollercoaster for the reader to enjoy.
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... old man’s heart, eventually leading the narrator to a break down and insanity (Hemsworth). This story was diverse and a bit controversial at the time it was written, but yet again, Poe finds just the right words to create this feeling of tension and suspense within each reader.
Edgar Allan Poe stands today as an inspiration to any American writer. Although Edgar Allan Poe had a depressing life, there are so many things that any fervent writer can learn from. His techniques are something to admire and learn from, and his skillful use of literary devices such as irony in The Cask of Amontillado, repetition in “The Raven”, and creation of suspense in The Tell-Tale Heart are all things that have helped develop the American writer into the figure that it is today. His themes such as revenge, death, and the use of the color red are examples of Poe’s genius in writing.
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