A Day in the Life of Haley Lloyd- Personal Narrative

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A Day in the Life of Haley Lloyd- Personal Narrative

Well I hate mornings because it means getting out of bed, and it’s the

most comfortable bed ever. It’s my favourite place. When I finally get

out of bed, the first things I do is put my television on, then go and

out my contact lenses in and wash my face.

When I’m getting ready for school I don’t have much time, so I rush

around forgetting about things I need to do. At this time my mam will

still be in her bed snoring I can hear her thought the walls

After I’m dressed and ready,

I’ll grab my bag and an apple to eat for my breakfast. By this time

I’ll be about 15 minutes late to meet Lauren and Kaite at the Avenue

shops. Kaite is my really dozy friend she talks about any thing and

often loses things she borrows.

At about twenty five past eight we are normally at school. Me and

Lauren are in the same form we have to walk right to the top of the

stairs to humanities

We then have registration and get told to do our top buttons up and

ties to the top. We have our three lessons then go onto break, by the

time I walk up the stairs and get my stuff out, it is time to go to

fourth lesson fifth lesson then onto lunch time this last a bit

longer. Although I doing like going outside, I normally sot in the

dinner hall and slowly eat my dinner with Katie, Lauren, Calais, Jade

and Lisa

Registration, sixth and seventh lesson, then its time for home. It

normally takes around forty five minutes to got home, with a few short

stops at the shops. At home there’s banging and loud noises, because

we are getting our bathrooms done by a small man called Robiley. He

wears small denim shorts that hardly cover anything.

Il step over all his work tools and eventually get to my bedroom, to

get changed.
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