A Comparison of Newspaper Articles

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A Comparison of Newspaper Articles

Newspapers have long been a mean of communication between the general

public and the world. They usually state facts and opinions about an

important event that has taken place in the world, which would be of

interest. This news can range from political views to showbiz to world

affairs. One thing that we do not do when we read a newspaper is to

think for one second that what we are reading is that exactly how it

happened. Newspapers are used as a medium for propaganda. Propaganda

is used frequently in everyday life to manipulate out thoughts and

despite what the majority of us think it does affect our opinions.

It’s a proven fact that newspapers are more propaganda than facts as

the news are twisted around to support the journalist’s own political

views. So in a way all news that we read is not as we interpret it to

be because journalists would only write what they feel is right and

all of us have different opinions.

There are two main types of newspapers, Broadsheets like “The

Guardian” and Tabloids like “The Mirror.” Tabloids are the most

popular type of paper; they are often smaller in size, more colourful

and use stimulating images to target a certain age range such as

teenagers. They use simple words so they are the most widely read

newspapers in the world. On the other hand Broadsheets are generally

larger in size, more serious and less colourful. They are mostly

concerned with current affairs, political issues and people opinions

about the government. They are targeted for a specific audience, which

might be people who are involved in the fields of employment that are

mentioned in the ...

... middle of paper ...

...lusion I would say that the best newspaper which is

more likely to make people think is “The Socialist Worker” as it would

than be a need for one to understand the importance of society and how

our we exploit it. After that has been done, than, you could start

thinking about different other issues. My own opinion is that boxing

should not be banned even after knowing the tragic consequences. I

think that if you were to ban boxing there would a lot of unrest and

protests so therefore the best way of preventing that is to allow

boxing. If people are sane they will know the consequences of boxing

and yet if they still want to continue we cannot stop them they have

free will but they were warned. So if you allow boxing this way the

decision is theirs (boxers) not anyone else’s and only they can be

blamed for their actions.
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