A Character Analysis Of Chris Chambers In The Film Stand By Me

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In the film Stand by Me Reiner describes the character Chris Chambers as a boy with a terrible family that treats him and others badly which leads to him having a bad reputation. He is shown as rebellious and tough but also caring and kind-hearted to his friends and others. To his friends he acts as a mature big brother or parent for them, especially towards Gordie. Chris has a bad and abusive family that almost doesn’t care for him at all. His father is an alcoholic that abuses Chris and his brother, Eyeball, is parts of Ace’s gang, showing almost no love or care towards Chris. Because of his family, other people in the town think of Chris as a trouble-maker and no better than the rest of his family. This leads to him having a bad reputation and other people thinking he is “… just one of those low-life Chambers kids.” This makes him believe that he can get nowhere in life and that he would be stuck in the town, even though at the end and beginning of the film he is a lawyer. …show more content…

In his group of friends, he is the mediator and keeps peace within the gang, especially with Teddy. He acts as a father for his friends but mainly a brother for Gordie by giving him advice such as when he said, “You're gonna be a great writer someday, Gordie. You might even write about us guys if you ever get hard-up for material.” Although he is a kind, supportive leader for their group, he is not accepted into his community because of his bad reputation mostly caused by the rest of his

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