A Career As A Football Coach

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Influential person It is said that the best way to mold a person is in their youth. After completing my high school sports career and looking back, I could not agree more. My high school football coach, Paul Essary, has given me more advice on life than anyone. Throughout my high school career, I have spent approximately 720 hours during the regular football season with this outstanding coach. From my freshman status to my senior year, I was fortunate enough to be under the guidance of one man, my head football coach. He has been there for me all four years of an incredible journey. Yes, it may be typical for the athlete to write about their glorious sport days but allow me to elaborate on how this man showed me how to respond to life through a complex and very physical game. His philosophy of leadership, hard work, dedication, determination, and sportsmanship has been ingrained in me and those traits will be an asset to me in my collegiate career and beyond. …show more content…

It wasn’t just being a leader; it was learning to be a follower first, which was the true challenge. In the beginning of my football career, I reshaped my interests to fit what my coach needed from me for the team. I’ve sat through so many team lectures about becoming a man, doing the right thing, and that we are a select few who can truly lead the school. Coach sure did have a way of making us feel powerful, so much so that at times it seemed nothing could stop us from obtaining what we desired. He taught me the importance of being a team member and that my actions have an

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