A Brief Note On Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Unknown Enemy War is no child 's play, but unfortunately, we have had times in our past when the youth of our great nation had to defend it. Combat is not an easy for anyone; watching death, the constant ring of gunfire, the homesickness, fearing for your life, and witnessing bloodshed daily, this will begin to take its toll. The minds threshold for brutality can only handle so much and eventually will become sickened by these events. This sickness is called Post-traumatic stress disorder. As shown through the characters of The Things They Carried, soldiers of war may begin to show PTSD symptoms before the war is over, and may continue to fight the disorder after the war has ended. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is something many people struggle with. People through the ages of six and up can be diagnosed with this issue. The diagnosis usually will show itself after an extremely traumatic event. Symptoms may not be seen or noticed from anywhere from days to years after the event occurred. PTSD is most recognized by its links to anxiety, depression, recurring flashbacks, disconnect from reality and violence. Post Traumatic stress disorder can be most prevalent among veterans and others who are in high-stress positions: Fireman, Policeman, Emergency medical personal, do to their increased exposure to traumatic events (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). This Indications of PTSD are not limited to this list many things may relate to the disorder and that 's why it can be so prevalent throughout the story of The Things They Carried. The symptoms of PTSD are Avoidance of memories or reminders of the event, negative expectations or beliefs about oneself, self-blame, detachment, irritable behavior, angry outbursts, hyp... ... middle of paper ... ...od on their faces again. Some may completely block the moment out altogether. At some point in our lives, we are all exposed to life changing moments. Each of us choosing the path on how to deal and come to terms with it if we ever do. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is something so many struggles with but so many know nothing about how to understand and how to discuss the conversation with those who have it. Many veterans experience highly disturbing thoughts and feelings about their actions during the war and regret them. This leads to an increased number of potential suicidal thoughts and attempts among veterans as seen in Bowke one of the characters of The Things They Carried. Those who suffer from PTSD, especially veterans, are three times more likely to commit suicide. War is against an enemy nation but it can create enemies within ourselves. (PTSD Suicide)

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