A Brief Biography of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter

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One, two, three! The Hurricane gets the Knockout. Rubin “Hurricane” Carter was an African American boxer whose name was spoken over well-known media programming throughout the country. Rubin Carter got the nickname of “the Hurricane” because of his fierce left hook. A New Jersey promoter by the name of Jimmy Colotto gave him this nickname when he saw him box and it has stuck with him ever since (Company). He won 21 matches in his career and overcame immense racial prejudice to achieve his life-long dreams and goals. Rubin “Hurricane” Carter was a very powerful man and was one of the African American athletes that had faced major prejudice and was accused as a murderer. . Rubin was born on May 6, 1937 in Clifton, New Jersey (Company). At a young age Rubin had problems with some people in school and had a bad life on the streets. He was always getting involved with petty theft and street fights. Rubin’s life was good with four brothers and three sisters until he got to the age of 14. When Rubin turned 14 he was sent to a New Jersey juvenile reformatory because he had beaten a man with a glass bottle to steal his watch (Company). After Rubin was in the reformatory for a while, he decided to escape and run away and join the army. He had entered the Army at age 17 in. Rubin was first stationed in Germany with the United States army and this is when Rubin Carter first discovered boxing. When he was boxing in Germany he had a record of 51 wins out of 56 fights! 31 of these fights were decided by knockouts. When Rubin returned to the United States he started to box professionally on September 22, 1961 (Company). Rubin Carter was always hanging around the ring to get some training in or just fight and exhibition match. Rubin had made h... ... middle of paper ... ...r of Rubin was well casted and played by Denzel Washington. Until the day that Rubin “Hurricane” Carter died he believed that he was an innocent man. Works Cited "Carter, Rubin." Current Biography (Bio Ref Bank) (2000): Biography Reference Bank (H.W. Wilson). Web. 16 Apr. 2014 Corbett, Ben. "Bob Dylan's Song "Hurricane" - Bob Dylan and Rubin "Hurricane" Carter." About.com Folk Music. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 May 2014. Flatter, Ron. "Story of Hurricane." ESPN. ESPN Internet Ventures, n.d. Web. 28 Apr. 2014. Kelly, Mike. "What Happened That Night?." The Record (Hackensack, NJ). 26 Mar. 2000: A1+. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 28 Apr. 2014. Raab, Selwyn. "Rubin (Hurricane) Carter, Boxer Found Wrongly Convicted, Dies at 76." The New York Times. The New York Times, 20 Apr. 2014. Web. 28 Apr. 2014. "Rubin Carter." Bio. A&E Television Networks, 2014. Web. 13 May 2014.

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