Racism And Racism In Sports

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The growing debate about the mascots, logos, and team names used in sports has been an issue since the 1960’s-1970’s. The argument that is at hand is depicting if these symbols are a representation of pride or if they can be classified as racist. There are many supporters to both sides of this debate. Many on one side are arguing that the symbols are clearly racist while others on the opposing side are making claims that the symbols are an honor to whom they are portraying and are negatively connected to racism. There also the individuals who do not identify with either side, obtaining the belief that these symbols are a representation of the organization itself rather that creating a backstory or an image associated to anything other than the organization represented by an image. With many debates and issues regarding the topic happening annually, the question remains, what should be done about the racism issue in the sports industries? Many obtain the opinion that these mascots, logos, are a negative connotation to the portrayal of the organization. These people support their decision with the belief that the symbols are racist and offensive due to the way the media portrays the images, distorting them and making them cartoon like to skew the image (Locklear). What Locklear is attempting to say is that the mutated belief that is provided by the media effects how the public views the alteration of a symbol to be discriminating or a negative racial representation. However, the opposing side of the argument have the belief that the representation of the symbol is harmless and the belief that race is tied into the sporting industry is unreasonable. This crowd of believers is not only composed of white individuals, but even Native... ... middle of paper ... ...ganizations consisting of individuals that obtain the belief that the names mascots colors and or logos may be defined as racist. The challenging side possesses the idea that the sports industry does not partake in racist activities and would not segregate members of race. There are also the communities that remain mutual throughout this argument with the belief that the organizations did not attempt to please either side and chose the symbols, colors, mascots and team names that they believed would provide a positive moral in the location of which the industry was created. In the end, there is no true way to please every individual regarding the debate of racism in the industry of sports, therefore, the sports industry must rely on the loyal audience and hope that this issue will not lose active members in this audience or future members from entering the audience.
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