A Brief Biography of George Orwell

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Al Gore was the first son of Albert Gore Sr.. He had an older sister Nancy was ten years older than Al but unfortunately she died in 1984 from lung cancer. Politics ran in the family and Al’s father served as a U.S senator for the state of Tennessee. Al’s mothers name was Pauline and she graduated from Vanderbilt Law school. When Al was in school they lived in the Fairfax hotel in Washington D.C. However, during the summer time he would live on his families’ farm in Carthage, Tennessee. He would spend a majority of his day helping out on the farm and then spend most of his nights hunting. Al was a brilliant student from the very beginning. He attended an all boys private school names St. Albans Episcopal School. The school was in Washington D.C and he played both basketball and football for the school. In 1965 Gore was enrolled into Harvard University. Initially he planned to major in English but early on it became clear that he was interested in politics. Soon he was running for class president and he was elected president of his freshmen class. While studying in Harvard, Gore wa...

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