A Brief Biography Of Robert Moses

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New Yorks master builder and designer was not a planner, an architect or even a contractor, he was a politician named Robert Moses. Prior to Robert Moses, there wasn’t a West Side Highway or a Brooklyn Battery Tunnel (Hugh L. Carrey). To list specific works that he created would takes hundreds of lines to describe, however, the numbers sum it all up. Mr. Moses created and developed 416 miles of parkways, 14 bridges, 658 playgrounds and 2,345,256 acres of parks in New York State. Robert Moses had a vision of a city with a vast amount of highways and towers connected by bridges and surrounded by parks. Moses in essence created the model alpha city that NYC became after his influence. With the creation of new parkways, expressways and bridges, NYC was able to expand horizontally and still be well accessible and connected from all points. Prior to the construction of all the miles worth of highways, NYC was known to be a mass transit city, but with the planning that Robert Moses had in mind, NYC would be the premier city to usher in the automobile age. In 1974, Robert Caro won the Pulit...

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