7 Signs that Make You a Good Software Developer

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7 signs that make you a good software developer
Summary: In this world of competition as a software developer, getting ahead of the crowd is a big necessity. So the big question is what are the characteristics, which makes you a good software developer?
The journey from an average person to a professional software developer is never easy. The passage to goodness is quite hard. So the big question at the moment is:
How are you supposed to become a good Programmer? What characteristics are going to set you apart from the rest?
This article would be taking into account the elements which will set you in the path of the good developer through the following lines.
The Making of a Good Coding Maestro
When it comes to good professional software developers, there are certain common traits, present in all of them. At the teething stage of software development if you are able to embed these elements in you, you will definitely be able to surpass your counterparts.
1. The Knowledge of Tools Is a Must
Gone are the days when software developer used to type non existing code in the text editor and compiling it at the end. Now coding with time has become an extensive, interactive process. Most programming languages are dependent on IDE or Integrated Development environment. These IDEs at the moment comes with features like auto complete, real-time syntax checking and debugging assistance. Knowing these tools can help you in improving your efficiency in case of programming.
So, the better you know your tools, the better you would be able to take programming under your grasp.
2. Keep your friends close and your error messages closer
One of the most common things, which every programmer encounters while programming is none other than the ...

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... comment acts as the report card for your code. The comments not only act as a good critique to the code, it also acts as the ideal way of directing the readers as well. Without the proper comments the user is as good as blind. Any new changes can be described by comments. So, a sign of a good programmer is to keep your comments always updated.
These points might not be enough for becoming an expert software developer, but they are definitely enough to make you a good one. If you want more inspiration to become a good programmer, get hold some article on the net. All the best with your programming endeavor.
About the Author: Hemant Gupta is an entrepreneur and the Founder Director of GetAProgrammer since 2007. This Sydney based company provides programmers for hire at an affordable rate. Connect to him at his Google+ profile to know more about GetAProgrammer.

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