1763 Dbq Essay

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Question: Evaluate how British laws from 1660 to 1776 affected colonies resistance and want for Independence. Documents: “A LETTER FROM LONDON TO A GENTLEMAN IN THIS CITY,” (New York City), 12 February 1767 (published in the New-York Mercury, 27 April 1767). Over the Munity Act The Address of the New York Assembly to their Governor has made a great Noise and Disturbance throughout this Kingdom, in all Companies and Conversations, insomuch that is generally said they are in a State of Rebellion and are endeavoring to thrown off their Dependence, &c. I hear the Ministry are in great and deep Concern about it. Most People are of Opinion they will certainly enforce the Execution of the Act of Parliament and, to that End, will send over Troops, Ships, &c., the …show more content…

American resistence and want for independence came about because of the many acts placed upon them by England in order to repay England’s war debt, bringing about rebellious groups as well as multiple forms of government in the colonies such as the sons of liberty and the Stamp act congress. The force fullness of British rulership over the colonies and desperateness to rule over the colonies with an iron grip therefore placing several unfair taxes and acts upon the colonists increased the disapproval of staying a colony as well as the need for civil rights in government. Document

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