The Devil's Arithmetic

The Devil's Arithmetic is a 1988 novel by Jane Yolen. It follows the story of Hannah, a young Jewish girl living in America who is transported back to World War II Poland through time travel. In this journey, she experiences firsthand the horrors of Nazi concentration camps and learns about her family's history as well as how life was for Jews during that period. Through her experience, she discovers her strength and finds hope even in the midst of great despair.

This book has been praised for its ability to capture both horror and humanity in equal measure while remaining accessible enough for younger readers due to its age-appropriate language and content. It addresses difficult topics such as genocide without shying away from them but still manages to be uplifting at times, thanks to Hannah's courage throughout her journey. Additionally, it provides an important historical context regarding World War II that can help children better understand what happened during this period in our world's history—something that may not have otherwise been available or understandable until they are older (if ever).

At its core, The Devil's Arithmetic is more than just a novel; it serves as an educational tool meant to educate readers about some of the most tragic events in human history while offering up stories of hope amidst despair. It encourages empathy towards those affected by these events and instills values such as resilience despite adversity, making it a powerful work of literature suitable for all ages!