Tragic Hero

In literature, a tragic hero is the main character who experiences a downfall due to their own flaws or misfortunes. Readers frequently admire this type of protagonist for their courage and noble qualities. They can be viewed as both admirable and flawed characters, which adds to the complexity of their story. The concept of a tragic hero dates back centuries to literary works such as Sophocles' Oedipus Rex from Ancient Greece and William Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Tragic heroes usually possess certain characteristics that define them as protagonists. They are typically ambitious, intelligent individuals with high moral standards but suffer from an internal flaw known as "hamartia" or hubris, which leads them down a path toward destruction despite good intentions. In other words, it is this inner conflict between ambition and morality that ultimately causes the character's downfall. Furthermore, they must also be aware of what will happen if they continue on this destructive course and still proceed anyway. This creates an intense sense of tragedy within the reader since we understand why these events had to take place even though they were out of the hero's control due to his fatalistic nature (known as peripeteia).

The tragic hero archetype appears frequently throughout literature today because it allows authors to explore complex themes like power dynamics in society or how fate can shape one's destiny without being too heavy-handed about it all at once. Instead, readers slowly discover these concepts by watching our protagonist make decisions based on their own values rather than external forces acting upon him or her directly (which could lead some people astray). Additionally, this trope provides us with insight into human nature by showing us how pride can cause someone great pain if left unchecked. This makes us more aware when faced with similar situations in real life, so we don't repeat history again!

Finally, although not every work featuring a tragic hero ends tragically, there is usually some kind of lesson learned along the way, either by the audience members themselves or the characters involved within the plotlines. Stories using these tropes provide additional depth beyond merely entertainment value alone. They teach viewers valuable lessons about life while simultaneously providing gripping drama for those seeking a temporary escape from reality.