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Eros and Psyche is a tragic Greek love tale. It revolves around Betrayal, Deceptions, and Exaggerations. Being retold many times, there are various accounts of the fable-but they all circle around the same heartfelt legend of their love. The saga is about the Greek goddess Venus, who becomes jealous of a mortal female-Psyche- and sent her son-Eros -to do her bidding and make sure that Psyche, would never find love. Everything was fine-until he fell in love with her-drama follows.
Psyche was the third daughter of a king who had a kingdom. She was so beautiful, that people began to worship her instead of Venus. Venus, known for her beauty-not her heart-, was enraged when she saw the humans praising Psyche instead of her.
“This homage to the exaltation of a mortal gave great offense to the real Venus. Shaking her ambrosial locks with indignation, she exclaimed, "Am I then to be eclipsed in my honors by a mortal girl? In vain then did that royal shepherd, whose judgment was approved by Jove himself, give me the palm of beauty over my illustrious rivals, Pallas and Juno? But she shall not so quietly usurp my honors. I will give her cause to repent of so unlawful a beauty."(Apuleius1)
In her rage she sent for her son, Eros (a.k.a Cupid) and says to him
“....My dear son, punish that contumacious beauty; give your mother a revenge as sweet as her injuries are great; infuse into the bosom of that haughty girl a passion for some low, mean, unworthy being, so that she may reap a mortification as great as her present exultation and triumph."(Apuleius1)
In Venus’ jealous nature we can see that she portrays exaggeration. She shows exaggeration by condemning Psyche to never be loved. Of course to some people maybe it was the right...

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...ed, she found someone to love her-even if it was by accident. The legend ends with a heartfelt confession of love, she becomes immortal, and they live together, in love, forever.

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