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Equiano 's Journey From The Word Of God Essay example

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Olaudah Equiano, whose identity was denied by many, yet stayed true to his word no matter how much criticism was thrown in his way. Through the trials and tribulations of his journey from the Eboe tribe to the West Indies, then on to Europe due to slave ownership, Equiano fought for freedom and found peace in the word of God. Due to many different cultures and the intrigued interest in European society, Equiano learned to read and write in English. The author portrays the experiences that occurred to him during his life time. In the narrative we read about slavery, the observation of his fellow tribe members turning their backs on friends by selling them into the slave trade for guns, and not to mention the horrific scenes he observed which had altered his mindset, making him lose hope in the journey he was forced to endure. Equiano confronted many problems trying to defend his work. One example being his efforts to clearly state he is from Nigeria rather than the West Indies due to accusations of Equiano lying bluntly of his true birthplace. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was the largest forced migration of people worldwide, with the majority of slaves being prisoners of war, societal outcasts such as criminals, and debtors. Around 20-30 million people including men, children, women and pregnant women as a premium were taken from Africa to the Americas between the 16th and the mid-19th centuries. Africans were drafted to work on European plantation in the Americas.

In the first few chapters of the Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, Equiano begins by mentioning that the biography critics must yield from pride. This soon transitions into his birthplace of Eboe in 1745. The people of Eboe valued law and marriage...

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...ity he had devoted himself to after seeking religion on a profound approach. His main goal was to find the truth in his earthly life and came to a conclusion that good works and actions will not save you, your faith will. After no change in his life he soon realized there is more than just faith, he needs to repent for his sins and ask for forgiveness. The transformation of his life lead him to define his life by a different method.

Equiano had many hardships. He tries to covey the reader to not judge by the color of the skin. Equiano journeys from the West Indies, Americas to England. The Slave Trade did not just involve the Europeans, Africans had a big part of it as well. Through many searches to find religion, he found the invisible hand of God work in his life and devoted himself to studying his word. Every event in his life made an impression for the better.

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