The Environmental Risks Nurses Encounter Within The Workplace Essay

The Environmental Risks Nurses Encounter Within The Workplace Essay

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Healthcare can be a rewarding and attractive field to work in, but at the same time it can be extremely exhausting, stressful, and dangerous. On top of the environmental risks nurses encounter within the workplace, there are some major emotional stress factors affecting their intrinsic senses and well-being. Despite a high level of competition among nursing students, and the number of those willing to work in healthcare, shortage of nursing staff continues to be an issue. Unfortunately, this issue leads to a whole set of concerns affecting nurses and patients, which is partly due to burnout. Such factors as moral distress, compassion, fatigue, and frustration, present a substantive problem among all the relevant and critical issues related to the nursing profession today. Healthcare is the type of field where mistakes are not acceptable, and even a minor error may cause problem to a person’s health.

Today’s nurse is quite different from the nurse presented years ago. Looking back in the past, nurses wore white uniforms and white caps, they were more dependent on physicians, and did not have much freedom to make decisions. Today, nurses, especially those with a higher degree, are more independent, possess a right to ask a physician for a certain order, are required to use critical thinking, and essentially make important decisions on their own. Not everyone is aware of the fact that nurses do not just assist a doctor with providing care for a patient but nurses are the ones to solve the problems, to communicate important issues to a physician in order to get permission, a prescription, or to be directed towards the most efficient way of the specific problem’s resolution. Nurses do not just nurture, but they also “save lives, pre...

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... & Rich, 2013). According to some scholars, compassion fatigue has a rapid onset. Yet, it can be a huge contributing factor to burnout, both emotional and physical. Unfortunately, the issue of compassion fatigue is not being addressed as much as it should be (Abendroth, 2011).

Healthcare is a very tough, demanding, and stressful field to work in. It definitely takes a lot of passion, patience, and personality for one to be able to put up with all the work and the stress nurses deal with on a daily basis. Nursing is not just a prestigious well-paid job. It is an obligation, a passion, a responsibility, and requires maximum effort to help people in need, and sometimes to care for them before caring of one’s self. The emotional and physical burnout among nurses presents a huge problem, and is a critical issue to healthcare today, which should be addressed appropriately.

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