The Environmental Conservation Of Canada Essay

The Environmental Conservation Of Canada Essay

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As often as humans use its facilities, it is a conspicuous fact that the environment requires continuous care. As Canada has struggled in the past to promote the care of the environment, many individual Canadians and organizations have brought the subject to light for all to see and regard. Some may say that Canada has not done enough to promote the sustainability of the environment, but through these memorable Canadians, Canada has overcome many obstacles and reached numerous goals towards environmental sustainability. These Canadians and organisations include David Suzuki, Greenpeace and political leader Elizabeth May. All of these significant leaders and organizations have worked hard in order to promote environmental conservation and its importance to culture and society today. Canadians have promoted the environment positively through numerous acts of public activism in the past decade.
Firstly, David Suzuki is a Canadian author, scientist and environmentalist who has brought crucial environmental issues into the spotlight. David Suzuki is highly regarded worldwide in all the countries he has worked with. In a political cartoon published by The Toronto Star and created by Graeme Mackay, Suzuki is shown as ‘The Father of Nature,’ and Justin Trudeau is questioning him for environmental advice (Mackay 20). This reveals the stature of Suzuki and the importance of his opinion concerning the environment for all politicians. His opinions and ideas are causative factors to his success with the younger and older generations. In addition, David Suzuki not only has ideas, he also used his innovative perseverance to create a foundation which now deals with matters in all countries. He began the David Suzuki foundation in ...

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...ut globally.
In closing, over the course of the past decade, Canadians have taken a stand for the environment and promoted environmental sustainability. Strong personalities and organisations such as David Suzuki, Greenpeace, and Elizabeth May have all proved that Canadians have made major contributions to the environment and continue to do so. Although in the past, Canada has been said by the United Nations to be lacking in its environmental efforts, these personalities and organisations are clear examples of the opposite, where Canadians are taking a stand and saving the environment. Canada has taken many steps towards environmental sustainability as a nation. The individual Canadian activists and organisation mentioned have played large roles in the steps towards a new environmentally friendly Canada and more importantly, an environmentally friendly world.

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