Environmental Benifits of Up Cycling Essay

Environmental Benifits of Up Cycling Essay

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Someone who up cycles enjoys the benefit of creating beautiful useful objects from materials that may have not been able to be absorbed back into our environment. They also get the benefit of saving money, reducing landfill space and the CO₂ in the atmosphere and even saving homes for animals that live in the environment. Contamination could be left over in the materials which could get possibly consumed. Up cycling allows us to not have ‘trash’ be thrown away and wasted; to be turned into something that can be used by everyone, such as a bench in a public park or a mural to represent a schools’ spirit.
Up cycling can be the start of a new process that is more efficient and will succeed. Since it is not a known process, people would be more willing to try it and help out. Recycling has many problems and obstacles along with the process, causing it to be more harmful to the environment then what people really realize. Due to plastic being the hardest material to break down, it gets thrown away. Pollution by transportation is a big issue as well along with illegal dumping.
Re-creating the ‘trash’ ourselves allows us to save money that would be used on factory machinery that breaks down the ‘trash’ in the recycling process. There is no mechanical process to re-making objects to make them useful again. We wouldn’t have to spend money on objects that are needed since we could just revise the objects. All in all, you would save money because you are using all the resources that you have around you. Say you need a new reading lamp shade. You could take an empty spray can and cut out the top and the bottom and connect it to the light. This would save money on actually buying a new lamp shade.
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...thinks recycling as the best thing for the environment and that they are “saving” the Earth. Due to them thinking this, they would not think of trying up cycling. Showing that up cycling has much more benefits then recycling, citizens would want to switch to this. It environmentally benefits us, animals, and the Earth itself.

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