The End of The World: A Short Story Essay example

The End of The World: A Short Story Essay example

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The dying light of the sun nipped against your shoulders, beaming upon your cotton back like a spotlight, promising a drowsy blissfulness that would diminish as the day-blind stars sprouted from their hiding spots among the cosmos. The gentle huff of the breeze dappled over the rolling hills, causing the foliage on the sparse collection of trees surrounding you to ruffle. And it was a wonder to your eyes to watch such a phenomenon. However, you couldn’t help but allow your eyes to drift towards Farrah, who sat next to you in haze of blonde hair and skin like the glow of the moon. And you drank in the sight of her as if she was the finest glass of wine you had ever encountered and ever would.
“What are you thinking about?” You asked, your eyes locking in on hers, which were like fragments of the sky caught between her lashes. “I can practically hear your mind working from here.”
Farrah flashed her pearly whites at you, but a smile would not shape her lips no matter how much you knew she willed it. “I can’t stop thinking about how this is the last sunset I’m ever going to see.”
And that was the paralyzing truth of the moment. The truth was that in a matter of hours, humanity would be a mere memory, you and Farrah and everyone you had ever known and heard of and would have ever known. Because a meteor was coming. And although the human race had fought a valiant battle, every attempt they made against their vicious competitor had barely caused a scratch against the massive pile of rock. And it was funny, it really was, that the human race had survived for thousands of years; they had stained the world with blood of their brethren, breathed life into the world and into humanity, had enriched the world with culture and our e...

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...n of white sheets across a span of several trees, a projector precariously balanced far enough away in the trees to display the movie.
The movies were classic creatures, the type that made you laugh and cry and cause nostalgia to buzz in every nerve of your body. Farrah’s arm brushed against yours, the silken tendrils of her hair tangling with yours, and you were in bliss. Your eyelids grew heavier as the night wore on, serene in the environment of your species, the air smelling thickly of the floral scent of Farrah’s perfume and the mellow aroma of the night.
Your head lolled over, capturing the architecture of Farrah’s face. And that moment stretched on for an infinity and you couldn''t help but feel that she was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen. And you were glad it was your final sight before your eyes closed and you never opened them again.

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