The End Of Men By Hanna Rosin Essay

The End Of Men By Hanna Rosin Essay

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In Hanna Rosin’s article, ‘‘the end of men”, the author begins by stating that women are taking over today’s society, while the position of men have become a thought of the past. The author recognizes the negativity of having girls as firstborns. In the article, the author states, “Many wives who failed to produce male heirs were abused and treated as domestic servants; while some families prayed to spirits to kill off girl children” (Rosin). In this article, the author gives light to how the preference of having males has decimated from the minds of people and how it has been erased from society. And, goes as far as insinuating that women have overtaken the place of men in today’s society and are seen as equal. However, I disagree because I believe that men just want to keep women down and it is demonstrated through discrimination at the workplace, depriving education, and violence towards women.
Hanna Rosin believes that we are equal, but in reality we are placed where men want us to be placed. Even though women have progressed and advanced their knowledge through time and have been placed in higher positions, it does not mean that we are equal. Since the beginning of time, women were seen as inferior to men, their voice or their needs did not matter, and in some countries today it has not changed. There is evidence that demonstrates that women are treated unequally in today’s society and it is demonstrated through the glass ceiling, politics and salaries. In the workforce, a man and a woman can be working in the same department in the same position, however, women are paid less than men. In salary comparisons, women make seventy-seven cents for every dollar a man makes. It is astonishing to know that although “ It ...

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... story, we learn that Hanna Rosin’s statement that women are overtaking men is false because if it were true many countries would adapt to the women becoming more than a housemaid or sex slave.
In society we want to believe in “Locke’s assumption that human beings are naturally free, equal, and independent” (Wolff 178). However, this assumption is not true because through history and through old customs women were considered free, and yet they were under the submission of their spouses. The only reason women obtained their true independence was when women were fighting for equality. So how is it possible that if we have acquired the position of man why is it that women are still fighting for equality in and out of the workplace? This is because “In no domain has women ever really had her chance that is why many women today demand a new status” (Wolff 183).

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