Essay about Employment Gains For Students With Disabilities

Essay about Employment Gains For Students With Disabilities

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This model is distinctive in nature, as numerous supports are employed, thus ensuring students with ID have access to optimal learning environments. The following protocols are commissioned: classes are of high student interest, grades are no provided, fees for classes are not required, instructors are notified prior to student entry, and ongoing collaboration is offered throughout the duration of the course (Rogan, Updike, Chesterfield & Savage, 2014).
Employment gains for students with intellectual disabilities are significant elements inspiring those to attend alternate education programs and transitional programs within postsecondary settings. More specifically, “In pilot studies, higher education opportunities for students with ID have been shown to correlate with improved employment outcomes and increased participation in communities,” (Kleinert, Jones, Sheppard-Jones, Harp & Harrison, 2012, p. 27). It is evident students who attend alternate education programs and transitional programs have an increased chance of employment combined with higher income (Rogan, Updike, Chesterfield & Savage, 2014). Although employment outcomes may vary it is imperative to note that studies have shown positive outcomes regarding employment obtainment for students with ID after postsecondary program completion (Rogan, Updike, Chesterfield & Savage, 2014).
Educational options are expanding for individuals with intellectual disabilities, as new skillsets can be acquired within postsecondary settings. More specifically, students with ID develop essential skills, such as critical thinking, decision-making, and independent living. One studies findings concluded, “Young adults with ID who took advantage of both were 26% more likely to exit...

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...ning for the unforeseen future. If students with disabilities are to attend postsecondary institutes it is essential for special education professionals to foster conversations with the student and their families, thus preparing them for future expectations and obstacles. Perhaps raising expectations for students with ID is the primary step to college pathways. It is recommended, “High school staff began to raise the bar and provide more instruction and experience in city bus travel, self-reliance, decision-making, problem-solving, and many other skills that directly translate into a more productive and satisfying live,” (Rogan, Updike, Chesterfield & Savage, 2014, p. 115). Brighter futures are foreseen for students with intellectual disabilities, as educational options are evolving and expanding, consenting access to environments that were once permitted.

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