Essay on Employment Compensation Of The North Carolina Department Of Commerce

Essay on Employment Compensation Of The North Carolina Department Of Commerce

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Unemployment Compensation is a program operated by the Division of Employment Security, a division of the North Carolina Department of Commerce. The program is funded by an employer tax to provide eligible workers with some income while they seek new employment(Employment Security Commission). According to Human Resources Management, it states, “Unemployment insurance provides workers whose jobs have been terminated through no fault of their won monetary payments for up to 26 weeks or until they find a new job” (Human Resource Management p. 259). These benefits can take up to several weeks, depending on how long it takes for (ESC) Employment Security Commission to receive the proper information. Once the information is received, the individual can qualify for twenty-six weeks of unemployment benefits.
According to the article, it says, “Without employment compensation, many workers would be forced to take jobs for which they were overqualified or end up on welfare” Being employed, compensation would be beneficial because there are some things that many people do not have the privilege of getting. For instance, it could be health or dental insurance. For instance, my family would come into effect. In my opinion, I may work at the Health Department, but I still feel as though I am not getting enough benefits. There is only so much that my insurance can cover and I do not believe it is enough. My children and I have to get an eye exam every year, but the type of insurance I have does not cover it. Why can 't I have the opportunity of having my insurance pay for it instead of coming out of my pocket? There are times where I feel like it is too much because it is not me that needs to be covered, but my children should get covered as w...

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...creasing, which meant that the unemployment rates were going up. The rates were very bad for unemployed people because working part-time means that you are only working for a certain amount of hours and days.
As a result, unemployment compensation is a subject that should not be taken too lightly. In the matter of someone going through unemployment, it would help them get the benefits they need. There comes a time where someone could make a lot of money, but would not need as many benefits as someone who has been fired or laid off. In my opinion, something has to be done in order for most people to receive compensation for unemployment. Not everyone can afford this, so why not try and make it easier on them. As you can see, it will take time for this to come into effect, but we will just have to wait and see whether or not the changes has helped or hurt the economy.

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