The Importance Of Unemployment

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Money is God. Nobody can live without money because everybody needs money for survival. As the world becomes more competitive, people are hardly finding jobs and the rate of unemployment is continually increasing. People trend to look through careers more arduous. There is a single way to get money is working. It is one of the most important factors in human being. People earn money from jobs, and every job is distinctive in emolument. It is a main problem that makes numerous people want to quit their jobs and find better jobs. However, if they do not have money or unable to work in any reasons, it may create a lot of impacts on the country because the rate of unemployed workers is continually increased. Every country faces with this problem. Some countries are able to restrict it, particularly, in developed countries. However, in some lands are uncontrollable because of country’s social welfare is not good enough. This essay will argue that the government should distribute subsidies for some people who are able to work, but cannot find a jobs to reduce economic problems, improve the standard of living of the unemployed, and even reduce crime.
Unemployment basically means people who lack of seeking jobs. “The unemployed are people able, available and willing to work at the going wage rate but cannot find a job despite an active search for work” (Riley, 2012). Unemployment occurs when an expansion in demand rates, while the economic growth goes downward and layoff starts increasing because of a depression from the economy (Hardman, 1999). High rates of joblessness are the main obstacle that is damaging the social development as a whole. When many people are unemployed, businesses do not have capable people to run the work. Moreo...

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... and high education. Obviously, everybody needs money to cover the basic expenses: food and family’s expenses. This essay indicates that financial aid by the unemployment insurance that comes from the parliament, is one way to resolve the depression, make the economy develop faster and reduce crimes in the country. These subsidies that the government gives to unemployment basically come from workers’ taxes and incomes of the country. The benefits on spending subsidies benefits for unemployment have more outweigh. Hence, the government should focus on impacts to reduce the level of unemployment. In contrast, there have negative results on distributing wages, it leads to inequity between employed and unemployed workers, and it may creates incompetent workers. More importantly, it runs a lot amount of budgets and the rates of unemployment will expanded in the future.
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