Essay on The Effects of Watching Reality TV

Essay on The Effects of Watching Reality TV

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When one turns on the television, it is almost guaranteed that a reality TV series is broadcasting. Just about every television network has some type of “reality” show whether it is a talent competition, a “finding true love” expedition, or a “follow around socialites in their day-by-day routine” episode. Reality TV is the newest twist on entertainment that is leading society down the wrong path. The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, a new reality TV series on E! Network, is a prime example of horrendous reality TV shows that is leading society down a destructive path. This show follows around young adults who have no understandings of hard work or financial budgeting. The twenty-something stars are Dorothy Wang, Morgan Stewart, Brendan Fitzpatrick, Johnny Drubel, and Roxy Sowlaty. Wang, with a net worth of $10 million, is by far the richest of the Rich Kids. Stewart is Dorothy’s best friend, who is an avid blogger who is currently dating fellow co-star Brendan Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick, a real estate agent, is the “only cast member who earns a full-time salary” (Anderson-Minshall). Openly gay, Drubel moved to Los Angeles to pursuit a singing career while simultaneously looking for Mr. Right. Freelance interior designer Roxy Sowlaty has the lowest “net worth at $100,000” (Anderson-Minshall). However, her main income is her personal ATM (as known as her parents). Reality television series are addictive and deceptive, giving people a false sense of reality and have negative effects on societal members such as negative self-body image. Reality TV is far from “real life”.
Reality TV overall has many negative influences on its viewers. One of these detrimental influences is negative body image. Reality TV shows capitalizes on societal beli...

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