The Effects Of Violent Media On Children Essay

The Effects Of Violent Media On Children Essay

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Media Violence

Nowadays, the rate of juvenile delinquency is increasing dramatically which cause by the violent media make negative influence on children, however, it can be prevent by some solutions. The violent media will make negative effects on children which is harmful for their physical and mental health, this issue is become more and more serious because the violent media are developed rapidly in society. Many people know children like those kind of violent media and easy to fall in love with it, so they promote more and more violent media to children. This essay will discuss the causes, effects and solutions of  the violent media negative effects on children.
The causes of this problem may be two reasons, first is nowadays the development of violent media is faster than ever before, more and more violent media appear in child’s life. Second is children has many ways to know and contact the violent media and also they are easy to interested in it. This problem is beginning in recent years and it was happened in many countries such as China, American and so on. It begin in a very short time and suddenly come into ours life, and this phenomenon lead some negative effects on children so it become a problem.
This problem have made some negative effects on children, first is it will increase the hostile mood of children, A large number of research have shown that violent movies, violent video games and violent lyrics will increase hostile mood. Zillmann and Weaver use four consecutive days to watching violent or a nonviolent feature film tester for observation, the results show that watch the violent feature film testers has more hostile mood than the tester who watch nonviolent feature film.(Zillmann,Weaver,2...

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...m exposure to violence in the media content, they will think that violence is widespread, violence is an effective strategy to solve the problem. Therefore, parents should tell children to limit their use of some type of media, and why the media is harmful for them, also explain the inefficiencies of violence to solve problems and bring serious consequences, nonviolence way and discuss how to solve the interpersonal conflict, so that we can give them positive values and life guidance.
      In conclusion, we are in an media information spread quickly society, The government and parents try to use some interventions to prevent youth violence crime, minimize the influence of media violence on children, youth health of body and mind. Children treat things in curious view, so they easy to make mistakes, but if we can lead and instruct them that can prevent them go astray.

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