The Effects Of Violence On Health Care Workers Essay

The Effects Of Violence On Health Care Workers Essay

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Health care workers are subjected to violence each day. The violence health care workers experience from their patients can ultimately result in serious injuries. Patients could become frustrated or combative over any issue, small or large. Violence toward health care workers from patients causes serious issues such as injury, elevated work stress, and lack of job motivation.
One serious effect of violence toward health care workers is injury. Working in health care, you are always at risk with patients who may disagree with the care they are being given. Many different situations may cause patients to become angry. Being a nurse and taking care of the patient, they may not agree with the dosage of medication they are receiving. This seems to be a major problem recently in health care. The patient is not receiving the amount they would regularly be taking at home and they are unhappy. Most of the time this can be the reason some end up in the hospital or doctor’s office.
A patient who may be elderly or on a certain type of medication could become confused. Confusion can cause these patients to be forceful with the health care workers which can then result in injury. A new technique used in some hospitals is a system that allows workers to flag this particular person 's’ chart. If this pops up, the staff taking care of this patient will know to being extra cautious and possibly even take a second person in the room with them. Personally, I work at an acute care hospital and I have experienced patient violence. An elderly lady was extremely confused and tried to attach one of the staff members. Everyone on the floor knew this woman had psychiatric issues because she had been at the hospital for an extended period of time. Th...

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...can a major issue. Studies have been done that show lack of motivation increases because of violence toward the workers. When dealing with violent patients, it can be difficult to want to continue to work. Lowered motivation because of this can also cause patients to not receive the best care they need. This is a bad thing under the circumstances. In one of the studies, lowered motivation due to violence occurred in younger aged nurses.
In conclusion, being a health care worker can be a stressful job. Even though as a healthcare worker, you are trying to help the patient, the can still become angry or violent. Some patients are violent because they are scared and confused. Other patients become violent because they are always that way. Violence toward health care workers can cause serious issues such as injury, elevated stress at work, and lack of motivation.

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