The Effects Of Underage Drinking On Underage Drinkers Essay

The Effects Of Underage Drinking On Underage Drinkers Essay

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“According to the U.S Surgeon General, about 5,000 kids under 21 die every year as a result of underage drinking—from crashes, homicides, and suicides” (Bellenir 65). Reducing underage drinking can reduce drinking-related harm, and even though there are programs in place to help prevent these suicides, alcoholism continues to ruin the lives of underage drinkers. Alcoholics in general are walking billboards to major companies that advertise their products—especially underage drinkers that in the process make these companies wealthier. Alcohol abuse gives a false sense of security, self confidence, and maturity to underage drinkers that later commit crimes, violence, and are victims of homicides. Underage drinkers not being able to get back on their feet after falling in so deep into alcoholism, eventually hit rock bottom and wake up to a world they no longer belong to. Underage drinkers realizing that the turning point is far from close commit suicide.
Alcoholics that are trapped so deep in the spell of alcoholism are leaving a legacy behind for those who continue to make alcohol companies millions of dollars by ruining their lives, making the wrong investment every time they purchase a bottle of alcohol; to them an “alternative route” to mask any issues they might be encountering at a particular time in their lives, and to those alcohol-making companies they are walking fortunes—walking billboards. Advertisement ads for these products continue targeting not only the already alcoholics, but also targeting underage drinkers. These alcohol-making companies can argue differently and have sworn to not be so focused on targeting people under 21. “Alcohol advertisers have pledged to comply with self-regulatory codes designed to limit t...

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...ately lose their lives. Many underage drinkers have been disappearing without being noticed by society. Males in their early teen years that turn to alcohol to feel empowered, often turn into full-blown alcoholics by the time they are 21—those that make it to 21—have an extremely hard time rejoining the sober population around them. The false sense of security, self-confidence, and maturity they once felt while being inebriated did not prepare them for what came after the life of crime and violence they chose to live. For those that are still under the spell of alcohol-making companies, and that are still living in the dark, thinking that that is the way of living may never get the wake up call. Many of underage drinkers will continue to increase the already large number of deaths involving alcohol; after all, they will only be a number on chart—a statistic a board.

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