Effects Of The Spanish American War On America Essay

Effects Of The Spanish American War On America Essay

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Called the “Merry Little War” in textbooks, The Spanish-American War was a war that although had relatively few casualties, led the United States into a political trend that was significant in the late nineteenth century and is still visible to this day both socially and politically.
The Spanish-American War had an immense effect socially and politically in late nineteenth century America through the bonding of America as a country, the beginning of America as a world power, and the establishment of America’s role as intimidator.
One positive effect of the Spanish-American War was the bonding of America as a country. The American people were bored and desirous for something exciting, at the time war was glorified because the veterans of the civil war were currently grandparents and telling their grandchildren about the great battles and grand adventures they had experienced, this led to the youth of America longing for the action of a war. Combine this effect with the “Yellow Journalism” that sold papers using scandal and disasters and had begun reporting to the United States the dire conditions of Cuba (McCaffrey 3) and war was not only inevitable but welcome. When the start of the war arrived the young men were ready and enthusiastic about this new opportunity to become heroes of their own and they were sent off with cheers. (Adams 246) This war was the ideal combination for national bonding, it was intense enough to garner attention and stroke national pride but short enough not to cause too much anxiety and anger towards the government. When the war ended, those men who were still healthy after the rough conditions at war, came home with renewed energy and pride, and were welcomed back with open arms and proud hearts and those...

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...erican war, the United States began a significantly more lengthy and much bloodier war--The Philippine-American War--with their newly bought territory from Spain, the republic of the Philippines.
The Spanish-American War significantly impacted America in more ways than one, socially it was a success as it brought the American people together, politically it was a success for America’s status in the world but also the war began a slippery slope into many new and more extreme wars, this was truly the last civilized war; as we will see in the following war--the Philippine-American war--the tactics and warfare become much more gruesome. Although many men died from disease, so few died in combat that the Spanish-American war can be looked at with relative fondness as the beginning of something so much larger than America had ever been a part of, what a “Merry Little War”.

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