Effects Of The Black Plague On Medieval Europe Essay

Effects Of The Black Plague On Medieval Europe Essay

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DBQ- What were the effects of the black plague on Medieval Europe?

Medieval Europe, also known as The Middle Ages, lasted from the 5th to the 15th century. Medieval Europe began after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Between the years 1347 and 1350 a widespread fatal disease back in Medieval Europe known as, the “Black Death”, killed approximately 20 million people. This was 30 percent of Europe’s population (History.com). The black plague is a disease that is carried by rats. Many rats had the black plague and it was transmitted to humans when fleas would jump off the infested rats on to people. The disease back then is now like a common cold and was unpreventable of being transmitted from one person to another. What were the effects of the black plague on Medieval Europe? The black plague caused fear in the people, demand of labor, and loss of religious faith.
The outbreak of the plague in Medieval Europe caused fear within the people. The people were so frightened of contracting the disease that if a family member got it, fathers would abandon their sons, wives their husbands, and one brother the other (Document 3). The People would not weep for the dead and they all awaited their own deaths caused by this black plague. There was a drastic and rapid amount of deaths that everyone believed it was the end of the world (Document 3). The people were also becoming more depraved, vulnerable to wicked behavior and in favor of evil and wickedness. A source from William Dene said, “Not thinking of death nor of the past plague nor of their own salvation” (Document 4). People would also take more drastic action and abandon their friends and family, flee cities, and hide themselves from the rest of the world in order to not con...

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...plague that they wanted more reasons and answers of what could’ve caused it. These Christians from Toulon just wanted someone or some people to blame for what was happening in the country so they decided to blame Jews. The loss of religious faith was an important effect of the black plague.
In conclusion, the black plague had many essential effects on Medieval Europe. It caused much fear, trauma and pain on people, benefited some social groups better than others in the demand of labor, and made people lose religious faith which led them to do cruel things. Although the black plague was probably one of the worst disasters to ever occur in history, it gives us knowledge on our people from Medieval Europe. This epidemic reached its final years during 1348 to 1350. The Black Death or Black Plague will continue to be one of the many topics discussed throughout history.

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