The Effects Of Television Violence On Children And Teenagers Essay

The Effects Of Television Violence On Children And Teenagers Essay

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Over the past century technology has evolved drastically. With all the newest technology, people have endless forms of entertainment. Twenty to Thirty years ago many children spent their time playing outside. Today, children and teenagers invest a lot of their time in television, films and video games, and rarely leave their bedrooms. Around, “46% of children have a television set in their bedroom,” ( Browne and Hamilton-Giachritsis 702). Those same children probably also have some sort of game system. Many of the television shows and films children watch and the video games children play contain some form of violence. Violence in the media can have many negative affects when younger audiences are exposed to them.
Some people believe that violence shown in different media is not an issue and does not affect children and teenagers negatively. Many children have access to these films and games because the policies to restrict them are not enforced. Some parents do not care what their children watch or play and will buy their children anything despite the rating. Other parents care what their children are exposed to, but they are not always around to supervise their children. Many television producers also feel that violence is not a problem because they believe that, “violence … is a necessary component in creating content that appeals to audiences,” (Weaver 232). Television producers are also worried that removing, “violence would make the film less enjoyable for the young target audience,” (Weaver 232). In her book Children, Gender, Video Games: Towards a Relational Approach to Multimedia, Walknerdine says that expressing, “violent feelings through games is better than the repression of violence and that if we try to make childr...

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...ess trouble falling and staying asleep each night,” (Samakow).
Being exposed to a variety of violent media at a younger age can have many harmful affects. Many children and teenagers devote a great amount of time to televsion, movies and video games that contain violence. Some children have been proven to become more aggressive and believe violence is acceptable after being exposed to violence for a long period of time, while other children develop other problems such as problems sleeping at night. If greater restrictions were put on these types of violent media then this issue would not be as big of a problem. In the long run, it is up to parents of young children to follow these restrictions and have discipline when it comes to their young children viewing violent content. All in all, younger audiences having access to violent media can cause more harm than good.

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