Essay on The Effects of Structured Activities for Youth

Essay on The Effects of Structured Activities for Youth

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According to the articles, there is increasing knowledge how young people use their time outside of school has consequences for their development. This knowledge indicates that organized activities, extracurricular activities, after-school programs, and youth organizations have increased distinctly. The intensity of research on controlled activities has revealed positive consequences of participation for academic, educational, social, civic, and physical development. This information, along with the safety and supervision provided by structured activities for youth with working parents, has stimulated programs at the local, state and Federal levels to expand opportunities for participation. There are various doubts that exist in participating in controlled activities that has become overwhelming for youth. This “over-scheduling” is considered to be a result of pressure from adults (parents, coaches, teachers) to achieve and accomplish continuing education and career goals. These outside demands, beside the activity-related time obligation, can be related to poor psychosocial adjustment for youth and to deteriorate their relationships with their parents. The proposition is that increased amounts of structured activity participation will be detrimental to youth and family functioning, attention from scientists, practitioners, and policy-makers are reasonable. Two types of evidence were reviewed to assess these different viewpoints: data from published studies focused on regional, historical, or limited samples, and data from an especially recent nationally delegate illustration of America 5 to 18 year olds that includes time, data and information on a broad range of indicators of development. The main findings across the st...

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...ated behaviors, school violence, school-associated violent deaths, and juvenile arrests for violent crime. There are assortments of means through which participation in extracurricular activities may decrease the probability of problematic youthful behavior such as involvement in violence. For instance, school extracurricular activities provide organized and constructive environments where youth are supervised by adults and have less time available for indulging in unstructured and unsupervised environments (Jiang & Peterson, 2012). We as parents should encourage our children to participate in after school activities. These activities teach several skills that will help them to become productive citizens in the community. I don’t agree with over loading your child with several activities but being involved in at least one activity will be a very good decision.

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