The Effects Of Stress On Children Essay

The Effects Of Stress On Children Essay

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Stress is the body’s natural response to a factor or situation that can affect a person in a negative way. These effects can be physical, emotional or psychological. In some cases stress is good in small amounts as it provides motivation to a person and makes them more productive. However, too much stress can be very harmful to any person. Stress in general has the capability of getting in the way of a person’s everyday life and causing some kind of psychological damage. Most of time people only assume that stress can only affect adults mostly because adults are the only ones who really speak up on the issue of being stressed. But recent studies have shown that stress can have an effect on children as well according to Live Science magazine. Ann E. LaForge, author of Tantrums: Secrets to Calming the Storm answers questions about what causes stress for young children. In today’s society our children are faced with a lot of intense pressure from their environments and peers and this continuous stress is harmful to their overall development.
Both Children and teens all respond and react to stressful situations in their family or schools and they also experience their own stress. (Brain Research 2000; 875; 20-31.) Whether that stress is from their grades or their peers. Most of the time the way that the family normally reacts in stressful situations is usually the way the child will handle it as well. It is there natural response to cope with stressful situations. It is important to recognize when there is stress in children and teens and try to help them by finding healthy coping strategies. These strategies that they learn often stay with them into adulthood and helps them better form better habits to cope with stressful situat...

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...hool (the ever rising expectations, over scheduling, bullying, and peer pressure). Society has given our children adult sized problems to deal with, without giving them adult sized coping skills. Often time’s children take what they are presented with and internalize these problems, or deal with them in a harmful or hurtful way. We as a society need to begin to take a proactive approach to helping elementary children to deal with the everyday problems they are being faced with.
Since it is nearly impossible to remove most of the stressful events from the children’s lives, we need to work together to teach them positive coping skills. Teachers and counselors as well as parents can implement simple things into everyday activities, things such as relaxation techniques, increased physical activity, healthy eating, daily journaling, and free time for kids to just be kids.

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