The Effects Of Parental Violence On Children Essay

The Effects Of Parental Violence On Children Essay

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Cain is maturing like a normal adolescent, he has issues with his self-esteem, he likes to try to be cool like his peers and he is well-liked in his clique. However, lately he has been arguing more with me and my partner. In accordance to the slide on parental conflict adolescence, it stated reasons for increased conflict that adolescence brings are sexuality and imbalance in power dynamics. I found a porn video on the home computer and asked him about it, Cain got mad and told me that he will delete it later as he headed to his room. I had a talk with Cain, asking him of his opinion about girls in his class and openly talked to him about sexual issues that comes up in the news or on the TV such as birth conrol, STDs, gay marriages and let him know that I am willing to talk about sex. In the powerpoint, it stated that the Netherland, children are receiving mandatory sexuality education from kindergarten onwards. Prior to the U.S, they are more abstinent or does not really like to talk about sex education. Cain has been dating a girl the past two months. He made me and my partner worried because he keeps saying he is so in love and it is becoming more serious as we feel that Cain is moving too fast in his relationship and at this pace we are scared that it will involves sex. However, my partner and I talked and decided that my partner will talk to Cain and try to convince Cain that he is still too young to know what love is, so they should wait until they are more mature and more sure of their relationship to engage in sex. As the textbook has stated that many adolescents fail to use contraception and contraception may not be readily available for all adolescent. Also, he talked to Cain about safe sex, condoms and birth control a...

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...he quality of the dirt. On the other hand, I promote his education in math by letting him take advance math course in order to challenge him and find math games for him to. I like it that he is very opened minded like me about his political and religious view of other peoples. According the Lawrence Kohlberg’s theory, more interested in the reasoning behind people’s explanations than whether the answer was right or wrong. I sat down with him talk about moral consequences and I even look through magazines and found articles about political, social and religious consequences. To let him know that there are a lot of different religions, culture, political and social difference and that people are different. I found that talking to him about many things keeps him opened minded and let him follow his own moral or view about things, instead of following my view or morals.

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Essay on The Effects Of Parental Violence On Children

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