Essay about The Effects of Globalization on Public Relations

Essay about The Effects of Globalization on Public Relations

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Globalisation has resulted in public relation industries to struggle in cultivating culture in their practices as they are now constantly dealing with an intertwined global flow of people, technology, finance, ideas and images internationally (Appadurai, 1990) (Sriramesh, 2007). This has pushed them to sensitise the concept of public relations towards a more culturally inclined approach (Pal & Dutta, 2008, 161). With its increased demand as a communicative tool to the public, the concept of public relations has shifted beyond its functional process which dominance the organisation’s interest to being a socio-cultural activity that positions public relation practitioners in the society (Edwards & Hodges, 2011). Hence, public relations practitioners have a more active role in the communication process of bringing about change and, eventually culture (Banks, 2000, 10). This essay will attempt to determine the significance of this ‘turn’ and the importance of embedding culture in public relations practices. In addition, this essay will also explore the different approaches in relation to this ‘turn’ and distinguish the new structures practitioners would face due to this ‘turn’.
The socio-cultural 'turn' in public relations scholarship was first signalled by Pieczka (1997) as quoted by L’Etang (2012) on the importance of the study of anthropology and ethnographic methods in public relations research field (L’Etang, 2012, 165). It has opened up doors for new intellectual frontiers and also welcomed new ways of approaching the context of public relations (Simpson, 2009). Through the lens of anthropology, the approach of public relation is routed towards a better understanding of organisations in global contexts and cultural practices of ...

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... dimension which affects communication and the need to understand the new structures and frameworks that was altered due to the effect of globalisation. Organisations need to remain vigilant and credible to ensure clients are provided with accurate and reliable information. It is crucial for practitioners to maintain a mutual understanding and communication with the organisation and the public relation team to ensure dissemination of information is in line with the organisation’s goals and targets. Practitioners need to be open to the socio-cultural and globally influenced world and adhere to complex conditions, situations and even tensions in order to achieve successful public relation practice with targeted clients. Hence, I offer a consideration to better definite public relations that reflects and create a more balanced context in communication and interaction.

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